Astrospace Research Cube is the First Private Space Research & Science Based Learning Company Initiated in the Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi, the Land of Spirituality & Science itself has many Unsolved Mysteries in terms of Ancient Space Science & Astronomy which makes this Place most Favourable to Encourage our Generation to Explore, what has been forgotten or overlooked. With a Mission to Explore the World of Space Science & to Acknowledge Technology based learning; Astrospace Research Cube is Aiming to Create an Environment which will be surrounded by Space Technology, Robotics, Coding, Computational Intelligence and many other interesting Projects which will take you to a New World. Our Prime Focus is to Dedicate our Resources and Time Towards Promoting Technical Education & Fun Learning across the Country by providing knowledge via Science & Technology based Laboratories & Innovation Clubs, also by organizing different Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, and various Technical Meets and Competitive Events which will Facilitate and Assist our Youth in Leading the Ongoing Technological Race.


In the most recent decade, the Aerospace and Aeronautics trade has changed itself into one of the most worthwhile and impressive ventures in present today. For that our team has its own way to establish a new kind of educational platform for the students in India & Abroad. In Collaboration with National & International organizations, a Unique Curriculum has been prepared by the experts for students to enhance the practical experience in the technological world. The training and education resources of Astrospace Research Cube has been designed and maintained according to New Education Policy 2020. Along with that, we aim to establish Innovation Clubs and Laboratories in the schools and colleges with all specific requirements for students. A widespread great education is the most ideal route forward for creating and expanding our nation’s great educationalists and assets to benefit the individual, the general public, the nation, and the world.






I’m an Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineer from Italy. and it feels great that our youth community are coming together to dedicate themselves to the field of Space and STEM Learning. I personally insist everyone to join this initiative and help these guys to fulfil there targets of Exploring Space and to uplift this field.
Mr. Francesco Paiano
Aerospace Engineer, Italy
Astrospace Research Cube, their name tells it all. We can clearly look forward towards a great success for this community. Their piece of dedication can clearly be seen in their work and content delivery. We Bharath Gyan are happy to collaborate with such a group of enthusiasts who are giving every point of time to uplift the Space Industry.
Dr. D. K. Hari & Dr. D. K. Hema
Founders, Bharath Gyan
Being an Engineer & an Entrepreneur, I can personally understand what it takes to design and develop something from an initial stage. These guys are curious and most importantly their dedication is something which is paying them off with the results. I would love to invite them again & again to my school in future with some more interesting projects, as our students loved the way they executed the training program.
Er. Divyansh Singh
Mechanical Engineer & Director, Green Valley English School


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