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Why To Join?

This Internship program is A small investment in building your future more Productive.

Following are some key reasons to join us as an intern;

1. Expose yourself to a real-world experience.

2. Learn time & task management.

3. Get better understanding of the projects while watching & learning at the same point of time.

4. Gain the ability to put new things into practice.

5. Encourage yourself in creating networks.

6. Widen career foundation & future opportunities.

7. Build-up your confidence, communication skills & most importantly “Upgrade Your Resume”.

NOTE: This Is a Certified Internship Program For Both Technical & Non-Technical Individuals Organized By Astrospace Research Cube Pvt. Ltd.

Registration Fee: ₹ 500


+91 7755862698 | +91 9933985955

Do Mention Your Year of Pass out!

Note: If you face any issues in filling up this form please Mail us your query to or Whatsapp to +91 7755862698 | +91 9933985955

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