Er. Shatwik Vikram Singh

Founder & Managing Director

From the beginning of my career I had a keen
interest in dedicating myself to the field of Science & Technology. And I feel myself lucky to be a part of the Space Industry. The sole idea behind this initiative is to make people specially our young minds aware about what this industry is all about, and what it takes to create an opportunity in the Space Sector. Eventually we have to create opportunities for our youth through this initiative it would be a great success for us in coming future.

Er. Gangesh Tripathi

Chief Technologist

Leading the team on a technical side, I pledge to
utilize all my knowledge & experience in upliftment of the student community, and empowering the Space Sector through our dedication. This may take time but will definitely succeed as SPACE is FUTURE.

Ms. Kamana Mishra

Head Research & Development Department

Being a Space Enthusiast I personally believe
in Learning & Exploring new things everyday.
And it’s my pleasure to be a part of such a nice initiative that connects me with our budding talents and future enthusiasts. We are on a path of a technological development.

So, it’s the best time to join hands and make efforts to uplift the field of Science Technology and empower STEM Learning.

Mrs. Ruchita Singh

Project Development Executive

We collectively aim to encourage students by
enhancing there knowledge & skills, increasing
the way of their innovative thinking. And it’s
our responsibility to uplift our future Leaders
who gonna take us to new heights in future.

Mr. Shobhit Tiwari

Business & Administration Head

Though I belong to a non-technical sector but still I love to study about Space & get more knowledge about the field. Talking about the sector I not only think about generating business but also to prepare some young talents for future Space Business Hunts!

Er. Chappa Uma Sai Sri Ganesh

Head Astronomy Department

We would like to provoke students to understand the things in a new perspective which will be useful for them to get familiar with Physics & Astronomy, this would be helpful to build a bright future.

Mr. Satya Narayan Rai

Managerial Head

Management is a key towards development.
With proper management of time and resource
as well as channelizing our energy in right
direction, we aim to establish a great learning
experience For the Future.

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